In accordance with article the second of the Company Bylaws, the Company is to carry out, within the municipal boundaries of Tortosa, the following services and activities:

  • The management and administration of the integrated water cycle, ascribed as any use, including the household supply of drinking water, from catchment, regulation and distribution of the necessary hydraulic resources and the spillage of wastewater.
  • Providing and carrying out sanitation services, including the public sewage system and wastewater treatment, related to the integrated water cycle, as well as building, exploiting, conserving and running the plants ascribed to this cycle, and the treatment, collection and recuperative elimination of the waste, and the sale, purchase and transfer of the resulting subproducts.
  • Providing repair, maintenance and conservation services for public services and/or municipal public works.
  • Providing advisory and assessment services for the activities and services that make up the Company activity, including drawing up reports and/or projects.
  • Part of the objectives of the Company will also be the administrative minutes and all ancillary, necessary and consequential operations to providing the services and carrying out the above mentioned activities, especially the execution of any works and the acquisition, disposal and/or encumbrances on properties, or the constitution of any rights on the same. The Company belongs to the Tortosa Council group of companies.

The Company belongs to the Tortosa Council group of companies.